Used Toyota Tundra Buyer’s Guide

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Used Toyota Tundra Buyer’s Guide

The 2014 Tundra is joining a very competitive pickup truck market in the United States, and that market is getting more difficult to stand out in with each passing year. Toyota is already a big name in the market, and the new design aims to solidify that status. Just as it has kept up with the competition in the past, the new models are getting all the rave.

The Toyota Tundra has always been one of the most powerful pickup trucks that you will find. That means that there is a high demand not only in the new market, but in the used market as well. Investments have been made every year to make the truck better.


When looking at the 2014 Tundra as well as earlier models, one of the first differences that you will notice is the possibilities in terms of cabin size. The 2014 Tundra comes in a two-door option, a four-door option that was a double cab, or the “CrewMax,” which is a crew cab. You should still be able to find this range of options when looking at used cars as long as you aren’t too picky about other features.


In the past, the Toyota Tundra has come in several different models each year, and it is no different for the 2014 Tundra. Although it will be easier to find some options than others, you may be able to choose between the 1794 Edition (which is new with the 2014 model), the Platinum trim, the Limited, the SR5, or the base model of SR. The SR models tend to have regular or double cab sizes, but with the SR5 you get the additional choice of the CrewMax. The wheels are larger on the Limited trim, and other additional features include climate control. If you want to find a used 2014 Toyota that’s a 1794 model, it will have the CrewMax cabin.

Truck Bed

Although you may not find all of the options you want when looking for a used 2014 Tundra or a model from a previous year, you should see several different sizes of truck beds. The standard bed is 6.5 feet long, but there is also a shorter option of 5.5 feet as well as a longer one of 8.1 feet.

Consider Needs 

While it’s true that a used 2014 Tundra will be more affordable than a new one, that doesn’t mean that you should still spend extra money on features you won’t use. Before opting for one with a larger cabin, consider if you will ever need to have more than three people in the truck at a time. By saving money on features you don’t need, you will have more to spend on those that can be truly useful.

When you go to a dealership, take a look at the various models of Tundras that are available. Many will have a few used 2014 Tundra trucks or earlier models, but for the best selection, consider going somewhere with knowledgeable staff, such as Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama.



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