Two Toyotas Named Best Family Cars of 2013

May 22nd, 2013 by

Avalon and Prius V Named Top Family Cars of 2013 by Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book Best Family Cars 2013

Two of the Toyota models available at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL were just named one of the Top 10 Family Cars of 2013 by Kelley Blue Book. The Toyota Avalon and Toyota Prius V models were both given this prestigious honor by “The Trusted Resource®” of Kelley Blue Book. So if you’re looking for a great family car in Birmingham, please come visit us at Limbaugh Toyota. Let’s take a look at what was said about each model.

2013 Toyota Avalon

Avalon - One of the top 10 Family Cars in 2013 - Kelly Blue Book

We’re proud to offer the full sized Toyota Avalon at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL. When announcing their list of best family cars, Kelley Blue Book had this to say about our 2013 Toyota Avalon for sale in Birmingham, AL. Renowned for its spacious interior quarters, abundance of luxury features and sofa-soft ride, the fully redesigned Toyota Avalon can now add “high style” to its list of highlights. In addition, laudable fuel economy coupled with an exemplary reputation for reliability and quality make the 2013 Avalon a smart buy for today’s value-conscious family.[/quote]

Toyota Prius V

2013 Toyota Prius Truck Space


Head to the Gulf in your Toyota Prius V from Limbaugh Toyota

The Toyota Prius V is the most spacious Prius that we offer for sale in Birmingham, AL. Designed for families, this model of Prius has 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind it’s rear hatch style door. That’s more than most small SUVs! As always with Prius models, the Prius V comes with the extremely high fuel economy that you expect. This means one less stop for your family on the way to the beach. Check out what Kelley Blue Book had to say when they named the Prius V one of the top family cars of 2013. Let’s say you love Toyota vehicles and want the exceptional fuel economy of a hybrid, but the standard Prius just isn’t big enough. Then consider the 2013 Prius V, which comes jam-packed with all the Prius-ness you crave while also offering roughly 50 percent more cargo space. Yes, plus-sizing the Prius cuts combined fuel economy from 50 mpg to 42 mpg, but among family-friendly vehicles the Prius V remains a mileage champ.


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