Toyota Camry Rollercoaster is Quite the “Thrill Ride”

October 22nd, 2013 by

Toyota is introducing the new 2014 Camry with much more excitement and enthusiasm to overcome the typical perception that the Camry is not a very fun car. Toyota built a track based on a roller coaster to show the test passengers first-hand just how exciting and fun the new mid-size sedan is. The course starts with a steep wooden ramp and drops down into a sharp turn. The Camry then stops on a turn table rotating it so it can move backward through a twisting turn. It then accelerates extremely fast through a tunnel of flashing lights.

There was a before and after interview with each passenger that went on the Thrill Ride. Before the passengers all had similar views of the Camry. It’s a great car but not one that you own for excitement and sport. The passengers tone changed after taking the ride. It surprised the majority of the passenger at just how fun it was to ride in the Toyota Camry. Perceptions are changing drastically for the new Toyota Camry. It’s still just as reliable and dependable as ever but now it’s actually becoming a favorite to have fun in as well.

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