Lease or Buy Your New Toyota?

September 23rd, 2013 by


money carThere are several factors to consider when choosing either to lease or purchase a new Toyota. Limbaugh Toyota is here to help. Our Toyota Certified Leasing Professionals are experts in helping you make informed decisions whether purchasing or leasing a new Toyota.

At Limbaugh Toyota we have several options that allow you to keep all of your money thanks to our sign and drive program, whereas, other dealerships may advertise lease specials but assume a down payment.

Limbaugh Toyota can help you with trade equity to lower your monthly payment when you trade in your used vehicle. We also offer you a check straight up for your vehicle’s equity.

The advantages of leasing can be determined by how much you are willing to put down as an initial payment. The more you put down the lower your monthly payments will be. With a low monthly payment you are only paying off the depreciation on the car, not the full value. Your monthly payments are much lower if you lease versus financing the purchase over the same period. When your lease term is up, assuming your vehicle is still in decent shape, turnover is easy. You can easily trade your old lease for a new one every two to four years. You’ll never have to worry about haggling or trade-in value.

Some disadvantages of leasing include no equity, lack of flexibility and you could possibly pay extra. Your insurance company may also come up short in the event your car is stolen or totaled.

When your lease is up Limbaugh Toyota will give you a free professional appraisal and you can decide if you want to purchase or release the car. You can also turn it in for a newer model and begin a new lease term. Additional benefits include: low monthly payments, tax savings, flexible terms, GAP coverage, high mileage leases available, and more vehicle more often.

Limbaugh Toyota offers lease specials and an easy lease application online. Come see us today and let us help you get in the car you want and deserve! Or log on to to see all of our lease/purchase specials!



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