2015 Toyota Camry: The Reviews are In

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Here at Limbaugh Toyota, we are always anxious to see how people respond to the newest models. Whether it’s fresh off the line or an update from the previous year, we enjoy seeing the reception and figuring out how to make the lineup even better than it is. So when we first saw the Camry receive a terrific new design just two years after the current generation was released, we knew that critics would be just buzzing. But now the reviews are coming in and we couldn’t be happier with the results: the 2015 Toyota Camry is a hit!

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The first review we saw came from the skilled writers at Autoblog.com. They were given the distinct honor of getting to see and drive the new Camry after Toyota invited them to share their thoughts with the world. We are happy to say that they were thrilled! They called the updated, futuristic exterior design “fantastic” and also took noted that of the 6000 parts used to construct the new Camry, 2000 of those are brand new and dominantly used on the exterior. Though they did say the interior did not receive as much of a makeover, they were very happy with the performance capabilities and boldly concluded that the new Camry has “secured [its] spot at the top of the charts.”


The next review we found came from the people at Edmunds.com. We were particularly interested in hearing what they had to say in that Edmunds has a reputation for very strict and unbiased criticism about the construction of a vehicle and how it performs. In addition, they also provide aggregate data based on consumer reports and user reviews on the model, so we could gain a better understanding of the reception overall. The professional critics agreed largely with the Autoblog journalists in that the new design is futuristic and “sexy.” But they also went into further detail, remarking that the new Camry has “better handling,” “more equipment,” and is composed of “better materials” than its 2014 incarnation. But even better: the aggregate rating as of this post is sitting at 4.5 stars based on over 20 user reviews.

The reception has come and the people love it! Stop by Limbaugh Toyota today and ask about the acclaimed, redesigned 2015 Toyota Camry.


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