2014 Tundra vs 2014 Silverado

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Both the 2014 Tundra and the 2014 Silverado are excellent choices for those looking for a pickup truck. The Tundra comes from Toyota, while the Silverado is from Chevrolet, and both trucks have a long history of reliable and strong pickup trucks that can work well for heavy use or casual use in a family.

Tundra SR 4.6L V8
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While many of the basic features of the 2014 Tundra and 2014 Silverado are the same or similar, they do have some differences, some of which are minor and others of which are more noticeable. When choosing between these two trucks, part of the decision will come down to personal preference in terms of which features are more important to you personally.

The Basics

The 2014 Tundra as well as the 2014 Silverado are both classified as full-size pickup trucks, and the standard two-door cab will seat three. Additionally, both cars have rear-wheel drive. They are within the same general price range, although the 2014 Tundra is slightly more expensive, but this additional cost is due to additional features.

Engine and Transmission

Both trucks have the standard front engine, and they are very similar. The 2014 Tundra has a 4-liter gas V6 engine, while the 2014 Silverado’s is 4.3-liter gas V6. They both have automatic transmissions, but the Tundra has a five speed and the Silverado has a six speed. The Silverado has a slightly higher horsepower and torque at 285 and 305 foot pounds, respectively, compared with the Tundra’s 270 horsepower and 278 foot pounds, which are also respectable numbers.


The mileage for these trucks is also very similar with the numbers being within the average range for pickup trucks of their size. The 2014 Tundra gets 16 miles per gallon in the city and 20 on the highway, while the 2014 Silverado gets 18 and 24, respectively. Despite slightly lower ratings in terms of miles per gallon, both trucks have excellent mileage ranges due to the large gas tanks. The Tundra can go 422 miles in the city and 528 on the highway, while the Silverado can go 468 in the city and 624 on the highway.

Standard Features

Whether you choose the 2014 Tundra or the 2014 Silverado, you will notice excellent interior features, such as a USB port and iPod connection, hands-free calling, HD radio, Bluetooth, an audio input jack, cruise control, and keyless entry. In addition to these shared features, the Silverado also has a navigation system and satellite radio, while the 2014 Tundra has a rearview camera, power seats, power controls for the exterior mirrors, and one-touch windows. They also both have the standard safety features, although the 2014 Silverado is equipped with OnStar and hill-start assistance. Although it doesn’t have these two features, the 2014 Tundra does have child seat anchors, an engine immobilizer, heated exterior mirrors, front fog lights, and brake assist, giving it a slight edge in this category.

Because the 2014 Tundra and 2014 Silverado are fairly similar in nature, you will have to decide which features are the most important to you. Consider whether safety, mileage, or the engine is most important. Once you have made your decision, you can get a 2014 Tundra at Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, Alabama.



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